Here at Sonic Frontiers we specialise in one thing… The Ultimate HiFi Experience.

Sonic Frontiers is fully run by Lee Thomas, who is the independent HiFi specialist for automotive and domestic acoustic environments.

Lee has a serious passion and dedication for the love of music and supreme performance high end HiFi.


The Ultimate HiFi Experience

Our main focus is on high end audio that actually works together as a complete system with perfect synergy.

The performance of our throughly matched systems starts at a level other “high-end” specialists/experts fail to ever achieve.

Lee will create results which are sonically accurate, musically satisfying while conveying the emotion, expression and realism of the true musical event.



We Take Hi-Fi Very Seriously.

  • A one to one service that enables each customer to get Lee’s full experience.
  • A  wide range of high-end products, accessories and systems that you can clearly hear and compare.
  • Carefully selected products from around the World (Chosen for music performance, not price or profit).
  • Synergistically matched, high end hi-fi systems on demonstration.
  • Award winning installations and system set-up service.
  • Absolutely no pressure on any sales.
  • Open minded environment that is honest, friendly and free from sales hype.
  • Full satisfaction guarantee on all systems and upgrades recommended, supplied and installed by Lee.
  • After sales service, advice and back-up that is second to none.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Lee is so confident you will be so happy with the Sonic Frontiers experience that all  systems designed, supplied and fitted by Lee come with a full satisfaction guarantee.

For more information or for a free demonstration contact Lee on 07971849474 or Lee@SonicFrontiers.co.uk


We Do Not

We do not sell products that perform poorly or ‘snake-oil’ items. (But rather offer customers products that excel in performance, sound quality and creating the very best results for each customer.)

We do not aim to push and sell masses of stock. (We prefer to offer all our customers the very best sound quality, honest advice and maintaining our 100% customer satisfaction).

We do not demo the usual rubbish you hear at the HiFi shows, we synergistically match components that truly work in harmony as a complete system. 

We are definitely not about the quick one time sale, but are definitely about making all our customers 100% satisfied.

We are not based close to our customers as we have customers from all over the UK and some from Europe. One of many things customers agree on is that the results are worth the time and travelling.

EST 2002