Lee exceeds customers expectations by miles.
Alex Pavlou – Bristol – Happy owner of The Sonic Reveal SL (sub-less) system


I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job you have done on the Sonic Bliss system in my Bentley GT.
It really is phenomenal and you have gained a customer for life.
Anyone reading this, Lee does amazing work and I can’t recommend Sonic Frontiers enough!
Thanks Again Lee
Farris  Alnaqeeb –  Kensington London – Happy owner of  the Sonic Bliss system – (Facebook post)


I never knew just how good an in-car system could sound until I heard one of Lee’s installs.
The pleasure mine gives me has resulted in me taking the long way home and digging out so many old CD’s.
The passion and skills this man has show through in the results, and his synergistic approach extracts the very best from every car he works on.
Steve Powell –  Cornwall – Happy owner of  the Sonic Reveal system


Lee has installed 2 systems for me – A Sonic Bliss (Audi RS4) and Sonic Reveal (Audi A6). Both are stunning in terms of sound and value for money. They were incredibly professionally installed and look amazing.
I cannot recommend Sonic Frontiers highly enough.

Mr Mercer – London – Happy owner of a Sonic Bliss in his 1st car and Sonic Reveal in his second car


Played a bit of Graceland by Paul Simons and I heard stuff I had no idea was on the disc. Only been out forever and been used in reviews before.
Adam Rayner – Car Audio journalist  – Commenting on the Sonic Vapour system


Lee’s system is the most enjoyable and realistic system I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to including home hifi which is some thing I thought id never say!
Stu!!! Talk audio forum user  - Happy customer commenting on the Sonic Vapour Demo system


Unlike some franchised outlets, Lee offers real customer service that’s bespoke to what you want and his fabrication is 2nd to none.
Forum post


I’ve just got my car back and Lee’s gone above the call of duty!
Kristian Minter – London – Happy customer with a precision custom installation


Read your website and thought “no way this can’t be as good as it says” but when I came down to listen for myself you proved me wrong big time, cant believe how amazing your systems are.
Sam Clement – Midlands – Commenting on the Sonic Punch & Sonic Reveal systems – Owner of custom door cards and a recommended equipment upgrade

I can’t recommend the Sonic Bliss enough.
I’ve spent over 10 years searching for the sound within the car, yet Lee can excel my expectations in less than 5 weeks along with an installation second to no other.
David Cox – Brighton – Happy owner of the Sonic Bliss system


Absolutely stunning, Spent a good 30 – 40 minutes listening to all sorts from Hayley Westerner to Metallica to Pink Floyd and some classical and dance music , plays each and every genre perfectly and such depth to the songs its incredible.
Everyone must listen to this system, it’s perfection

Gareth Skwarczek – Commenting on the Sonic Vapour system


Wow outperforms other systems over 3 times the price.
Stuart Smith – Cardiff – Commenting on the Sonic Punch system


My friends who hear my Sonic Punch system are totally amazed and my mate who has spent over 4 times the price on his system says mine is the best he has ever heard!
Darren Williams – Birmingham – Happy owner of the Sonic Punch system