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Nissan 350Z – Going from Bose To The Superior Sonic Punch Car Audio Expirience

Dean contacted me wanting a far better sound in his car than his Bose system, as he is a local customer I recommended coming over to listen to a speaker upgrade system and a carefully matched full system which is the Sonic Punch system in the VW Beetle (Demo car).

After listening to the speaker upgrade with and without the sub he realised it does not compare to what his home hifi produces, Then he listened to the Sonic Punch system in the VW after thee first few seconds of listening the words WOW came-out, after some time in the VW listening to his own CD’s he was amazed but also admitted it was more than he had planned spending although it was definitely worthwhile.

Picture below showing the optional precision custom A-pillar builds


More pictures can be found on FaceBook click here for a direct link

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Sonic Bliss – Audi RS4

WOW!! With over 6 weeks, averaging 12 hours a day, 6-7 days a week another awesome system is released…

This customer is a great guy and well into his home audio with his main system consisting of: DCS Puccini, MIT Oracle, David Berning pre amp, David Berning Quadrature Z mono blocks, Focal Utopia Scalia speakers, MusicWorks Revive IEC, ReFlex PD and StillPoints ESS rack
(System total of £120,000,00 plus)

Like all music lovers and Hi-Fi fanatics who visit Sonic Frontiers for a personal demonstration in one of the equipped Sonic System vehicles he knew instantly he wanted a Sonic System in his life…

If your interested in experiencing music at its very best in any vehicle, don’t hesitate in contacting me today

Lee Thomas
Creator and installer of all Sonic Systems

01639 841883 / 07971849474




“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece”

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