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Twaron Angel Hair Acoustic Wadding For Car & Home Speakers Test – Review

Angel Hair is around 12 microns thick that is around 10 times thinner than lamb’s wool.

I have been testing the Angel hair over the past few months in many different applications in the car systems and in various home speakers such as Avalon Acoustics, Focal Utopia III, Raidho Acoustics, Wilson Audio to name a few and found the right amount is critical (using around 3-10grams for each liter is recommended)
Too much and the sound can become thin, shouty and muted.
Not enough and little or no benefit.

When the right amount is applied I have found results as follows:

Finer details & resolution

Transparency is improved

Improved transient response

Venue ambience becomes clearer

This material can also be used in acoustic panels & tube traps for absorbing mid-high frequency room reflections.

Price is £21.55 per 100grams

For any more info contact me on 01639 841883 or Email:

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