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Germany Munich High End HIFI Show 2013

Some of the better rooms at munich high-end MOC show (In alphabetical order with speaker brands)

Avantgarde Acoustics Trio, Bass Horn Speakers & Zero 1


Lawrence Audio Double Bass & Drongo


Nola Baby Grand Reference Gold Wired With Nordost Odin Speaker Cable, Interconnects & Power Cord Loom


Raidho Acoustics C4 Speakers (also Raidho D1, D2 & D3 on demo)


Vandersteen Model 7 Speaker / Brinkmann Electronics


Wilson Audio Alexia Speakers / Pass Labs 300s Amplification.



Some static displays

Absolare Passion Power Amplifier


Leading Edge Isolation Rack (In this stunning gloss finish by Kaiser & Vertex AQ)


Raidho’s Fantastic C1.1 & C3.1



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