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Ferrari 458 Italia Upgraded With Sonic Reveal Car Audio System & Custom Fabrication

Vehicle – Ferarri 458 Italia

Location – London, UK

System РSonic Reveal 

Customer music choice – Dance, Heavy Metal, Pop, R&B, Rock…

Install requirements:
System must look subtle and factory built, as though it came standard from Ferrari.
Absolutely no holes drilled into the vehicle.
Must return to exact original condition when system is removed and transferred to next vehicle.

System requirements:
Same as the Sonic Reveal system with a touch more presence/authority to the extreme lower frequencies.

Other requirements:
Must be light weight.
The least space used without compromise to the Sonic Reveal systems performance and overall experience.

^Custom fabrication with (Option ONE) red alcantara^

^Custom fabricated A-pillar precisely angled for optimum performance^

^Custom fabrication with (Option TWO) genuine leather and black alcantara^

Physically a super light system that sounds muscular,dynamic while effortlessly conveying fine detail through out the volume range.

For more information call Lee today on 01639 841883 or 07971849474


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