Upgrade Your Current System

Many customers search for new electronics or speakers, most of the time they satisfy the listener for a few weeks or months at best. Why? Problems within EVERY system. 

What are the problems within my system?
No matter what level your system is you will always have pollution from the mains, equipment, signals and surroundings. The aim is to dramatically reduce this or ideally eliminate it at source.


Some of the causes are;
*WI-FI, music streaming, mobile phones, electronic devices, house appliances, etc, externally feeding into your systems signal path. 
*Electronics create EMF from within. Vibration from transformers, capacitors and components inside, this is trapped inside the equipment, this needs to be released and also absorbed. 
*Cables act as an antenna.
*Speakers energize the room and cause resonance, which back feeds into the system.


What performance can I expect when I hear your solutions?
*There will be no mistake – your system will be far more coherent, musical and enjoyable.
*Far better timing, pace, rhythm and drive.
*Music become more understandable, involving with an emotional connection.
*Micro and macro dynamic is dramatically improved with an inky-black noise floor.
*Wide dynamic range with faster dynamic contrasts.
*Musicality becomes even more effortless. Improved timbre, melody, harmonies.
*Your music becomes so realistic – it will not only sound right but feels right.


Leaving you with a signal and system that is clean from noise and harmful pollution. The solutions we use can make a high quality modest hi-fi system dramatically out perform systems in the high hundreds of thousands. We have the results here on demonstration, feel free to call Lee direct on 07971849474 or email Lee@SonicFrontiers.co.uk for more info or arrange to pop over for a friendly listen (Its worth it for the experience – we start at a performance lever others fail to achieve at any price). 


Even on the best systems out there customers are totally struck on how their system was performing without the upgrades. Realising their system was compressed, two-dimensional and disjointed their systems were. That was lacking in rhythm, drive and musicality. 

Many customers admit they thought their system was performing at its best. It just like comparing their previous set-up to a bad recording and the sorted set-up to the actual event. The results are massive. 

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