Boot Fabrication

Custom boot fabrications start around £950 including fabrication materials. Each installation will be perfectly formed to each vehicle.
(Absolutely NO gaps, NO cracks, NO creases, NO screw caps, NO wrinkles, NO visible joins or NO uneven panels as seen by other “professional” installers).

Lee throughly designs the boot installs to be practical with plenty of luggage space which allow quick and easy access to spare wheel, tool kits, rear lights and any other item you may have.

As standard, there are no original vehicle panels cut or no holes drilled in to your vehicles body, Lee will fabricate the install to bolt into the original fixings of your vehicle (with absolutly no damage to the vehicle) .  

All Lee’s fabrication work is done to look though the manufacture had done the work to perfection in the production line.






The System Music Performance

Every custom fabrication by Sonic Frontiers is thoroughly designed, allowing each system to truly perform without compromise. Lee spends the extra time, effort and dedication to fabricate each installation with the materials and combinations that sound superior. Lee has done uncountable comparisons in dedicated listening sessions with many installation materials from budget to exotic. There are also some examples on demonstration for you to hear for yourself. The results are clearly audible.


Being a perfectionist, Lee works not to the nearest millimeter but to at least one-third of a millimeter as a minimum (under half the thickness of a credit card). Lee has recently invested heavily in some of the very best precision tooling available to help keep up to his OCD level of standards. With close inspection, Lee’s workmanship easily exceeds the vehicle manufactures work itself.