Sonic Frontiers stock a careful selection of high-end equipment that has been carefully hand picked from many physical listening tests. Lee has the Knowledge, facilities, products and equipment upgrades you’ll require to complete your search for a HiFi system performing at the highest level possible.

If your a high end enthusiast, audiophile or music lover, wanting the ultimate music experience, with just one visit to Sonic Frontiers, you will realise there is no competition.

Why Waste Your Time?

Avoid the pitfalls of the random ‘”upgrade’” trial and error! Make an appointment to audition the finest systems or product combinations available and clearly hear what can be archived for your system.

Lee only stocks proven components, components that work together as a complete system. Also accessories and products that can dramatically upgrade your current system.

An example of some of the brands we stock/have available for demo:

Ansuz Acoustics
Audio Control
Audio Physic
Audio Wave High-End Amplification
Beryllium (by focal & scanspeak)
The Chord Company
Connection (by Audison)
Creek Audio
Eichmann (ETI)
Focal Utopia
Hybrid Audio Technologies (HAT)
Lawrence Audio
Leading Edge
Merlin (high end cables)
MIT (high end cables and Automotive interfaces)
MIT Oracle MA-X
ODR (by Pioneer)
Optima (automotive batteries)
Phass (hand made speaker drive units)
Pioneer ODR & PRS
Raidho Acoustics
Skinz (acoustic materials)
Supra (high end cables)
Sword (by Supra)
Thesis (by Audison)
Tube Technology
Twaron (Angel Hair)
Vertex AQ (high end cables, interfaces and accessories)
WBT (high end connections)

Lee auditions very carefully any new products. Most product lines have one or two strong products, normally the rest are nothing special. Many are totally out-performed by another brand at a similar price or often at a far lower price. This is where Lee takes only the best products from each manufacture from around the world, before deciding to stock the critical components.

Why Do This?

Lee knows his loyal customers come to Sonic Frontiers for one main reason, THE BEST RESULTS, GUARANTEED.

Come and  listen to the demo systems and hear what Lee guarantees he can do for you.

Lee often deals with customers that have previously been searching and visiting many (so called) “BEST” dealers all around the country, these customers were not even close to satisfaction with the (what is meant to be) system sound quality, musical performance and service offered by these “TOP” dealers. These customers now own a complete system that is synergistically matched or have had some help and equipment upgrades that has dramatically improved the performance, these customers are now completely satisfied.

Doing it right, first time, every time!

This is one of many reasons why our customers travel from all over the UK and Europe to Sonic Frontiers.

Lee is proud of his hard earned reputation for the highest levels of quality and guarantees full customer satisfaction.

For the ultimate high fidelity music experience. Arrange a personal appointment by clicking here