System Matching

You would like your system carefully matched? There two options:


Option 1

Lee will be happy enough to test, match and demonstrate quality equipment to your current system. (This can include testing amplifiers, speakers, also internal equipment upgrades that include amplifiers, head units, DAC’s / processors, source units.

These are not upgrades that need to be A-B tested back and forth a many times they are so clear you can easily hear them.
Feel free to email Lee for more info.


Option 2

If you looking to completely renew your system and you’re looking for the best music experience possible. Check the Sonic Systems.
These are complete systems that totally renew your current system with full focus and dedication on each system. There is a range of demo systems here for you to experience the results.

You will not hear better systems!

Some benefits of the Sonic Systems include:
Full satisfaction guarantee.
Hear each system before you decide.

No extra charge for reaserch and design.
No hidden costs.
Choosing the perfect system, for your vehicles acoustics and you.
Get the best results first time and actually paying less.

Call Lee on 07971 849474 any-day between 8am – 6pm