Here are a few images of what has been recently tested.

To create musically rewardable results, it’s important to start with the fundamental areas in each system for a solid foundation.

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.Leading Edge, MusicWorks ReVo3, StillPoints Component Stand
Some fine HiFi isolation racks and isolators from Ansuz D-TC, Diamond, Ceramic & Aluminium Darkz decouplers, HRS, Leading Edge, MusicWorks ReVo 3, Raidho Acoustics Rack, StillPoints component stands, Still-Points ESS, Vertex AQ Platforms.


Cable Test with Audiomica, Cardas, MIT, Transparent, Supra Sword and many others
Careful selection of cables are in stock from Ansuz Acoustics D-TC, Diamond, Ceramic, Aluminium, POM and the X Series, Audiomica, AudioQuest DBS, Chord Company, Entreq, Merlin, MIT MA, MA-X, S-HD, Musical Bliss, Nordost Reference Valhalla V2 and Odin O2, Shunyata, Supra Sword, Vertex AQ Hi-Rez.


Equipment Isolators StillPoints
MusicWorks ReFlex Ultra with upgrades, Music Works ReVive & StillPoints component stand.

Distribution power blocks from Ansuz D-TC Supreme, Diamond D8, A8, X-TC and the X -Series, MusicWorks ReFlex Lite, ReFlex Ultra, Nordost QB6, QB8, Shunyata Research, Vertex AQ Alethia PSU1 & PSU2, Taga and Taga Hi-Rez.


MusicWorks ReFlex Ultra & ReSponse equipment Isolators
MusicWorks Response, ReVive, ReFlex Ultra.

Mains cables from Ansuz Acoustics DTC Supreme, D-TC, Diamond, Aluminium, POM and the X-Series, AudioQuest, MusicWorks ReVive, Nordost Quantum, Studio Connections, Shunyata Research, Nordost Valhalla 2, V2, Odin, O2 and Vertex AQ.


Mundorf Twaron Angel Hair Car Home Acoustic Wadding
Twaron Angel Hair speaker enclosure wadding.