Sonic Bliss

This magical system will transform your music collection into high definition.




Upgrading your audio system to Sonic Bliss you will experience:

  • Enjoy your drive with accurate sound and a great musical reproduction
  • Playing music at all levels with a crystal clear and rock solid sound staging
  • More clarity, more energy, more realism and more musicality
  • Better timing and rhythm to all music
  • Transparent, holographic, three-dimensional sound staging
  • Further improved micro and macro dynamics 
  • Improved atmosphere and venue ambience
  • Fully enjoying a very broad range of music on the move
  • Reproduces all musical genres effortlessly
  • Delivering a great musical feel good factor

Separates instruments and voices with ease in a three Dimensional musically involving sound stage, simply magical

  • 5-year manufacture warrantee*
  • Carefully installed and finely tuned in 10-28 days
  • Full satisfaction guarantee

Sonic Bliss fully installed between £17,330
Sonic Bliss MM fully installed between £23,545


Customer comments after listening to SONIC BLISS:

  • “I can now easily hear the difference between a violin and a viola.”
  • “Wow – I was not prepared for this level of enjoyment, musical involvement and the way the music is effortlessly produced at any volume level”
  • “This system out performs my £50K high end home system”


“The guitars are amped, drums are tuned and the singer poised, the band is awaiting the turn of the ignition key, ready to explode into individual concert performance right on your dashboard, it’s your choice, but once the key has been turned they are in control of the audio sensation that is Sonic Bliss”
By Dave Cox  – Brighton – Owner of a Sonic Bliss system

If you would like more information or interested in a demonstration, call Lee today on 07971849474.