Sonic Euphoria

A supreme reference system that truly becomes a work of art – hearing is believing.

Upgrading your audio system to Sonic Euphoria you will experience:

  • Enjoying your drive with the finest musical performance possible
  • Playing all music effortlessly with large solid sound-stage
  • Realism, musicality and enjoyment previously unheard 
  • Coherent sound field with superb timing to all musical performances
  • Transparent, holographic, pin point imaging with a three-dimensional sound stage
  • Thunderous dynamic range with effortless micro and macro dynamics 
  • Pure dark silent background that becomes breathtaking 
  • Remarkable super high resolution
  • Large airy sound-stage with pin point accuracy
  • Effortless musical performance that is truly unforced
  • Expressive & emotional musical masterpiece
  • Leaving listeners awestruck with the beauty of real music
  • The music experience beyond your imagination

    Fully installed at £88,348
  • Carefully installed and finely tuned in 45 days
  • Full satisfaction guarantee

    “Played a bit of Graceland by Paul Simons and I heard stuff I had no idea was on the disc. ”
    Adam Rayner “listening to Sonic Vapour” – Reviewer – TalkAudio magazine

    If you would like more information or interested in a live demonstration, call Lee today on 07971849474.