Porsche Cayman R – Sonic Reveal MM – Light Weight System

Vehicle – Porsche Cayman-R 

System – Sonic Reveal MM (MM = maximum music upgrades) light weight

Customer music choice – Rock, house, hip-hop, classical Indian, Bollywood and live recorded music.



Install requirements:
Keep the elegance of the vehicles design without compromising on music performance.
Absolutely no holes drilled into the vehicle (Which comes as standard here).

Must return to factory condition when system is removed and transferred to next vehicle.



^Access to equipment / on show ^              ^Stock panel to cover equipment^

System requirements:
Sonic Reveal MM System with many high end ‘Maximum Music’ upgrades. 

Other requirements:
Must be light weight with maximum music performance (Again this come as standard here).
Have to keep factory head unit.
Music through Apple iPad & Android Tablet bypassing factory head unit for high resolution files.
Maintaining factory look with elegant A-Pillar fabrication.

Associated Equipment:  Audison, JL Audio, Morel, MusicWorks, Phass, Sonic Flow by Sonic Frontiers, Supra, Twaron Angel-hair, Vertex AQ, WBT.

For more information call Lee today on 07971849474

Email: Lee@SonicFrontiers.co.uk

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