Sonic Euphoria – The Ultimate High Fidelity Car Music System

Vehicle – Anonymous

System – Sonic Euphoria MM ‘Maximum music’

Customer music choice – Acoustic, Classical, Dance, Heavy Metal, Rock and wide range of live recorded music…

Install requirements:
Using exotic materials, fabrication techniques and designs. Creating the very best musical performance possible.
The use of labyrinths has been used to drain unwanted energy away from each component.
Every piece of equipment has been dramatically upgraded.
Complete equipment isolation has been custom designed. 


^ Cable testing – MIT Oracle MA, V1.3 & MAX SHD reference RCA cables^

System requirements:
Sonic Euphoria with all high end MM ‘Maximum Music’ upgrades.

Other requirements:
Must have a fully usable trunk (transporting heavy equipment).
Music through CD, radio and USB is essential.

^ Cosmetically unfinished – View under the top floor cover^

Maintaining vehicles full safety features (always as standard here) full vehicle usability (again as standard), while creating a ‘World’ class high fidelity car audio system. Resulting in a spectacular performance, that is truly breathtaking. 

Associated Equipment: Audiomica, AudioWave, Entreq, Leading Edge, MIT MA, Morel, MusicWorks, Phass, Pioneer ODR, Rainbow, Sonic Flow by Sonic Frontiers, Twaron Angel-hair, Vertex AQ, WBT.

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