Sonic Reveal High Res – Mazda 6

Vehicle – Mazda 6

Location – Scotland, UK

System – Sonic Reveal High-Res

Customer music choice – Blues, Classical, Country, Folk, Gospel, Melody, Opera, Orchestra, Rock N Roll, Jazz.

Install requirements:
Custom fabricated A-pillars. Custom equipment rack done so no holes are drilled in to the vehicle.


^Custom made amplifier rack – Upgrades equipment – Custom rack in-position under shelf^


System requirements:
Sonic Reveal High Res – with amplifier, BitOne and HU upgrades. Speaker filters directly on each speaker. Power filter to absorb vibration and RF pollution.

Associated Equipment: Audison, Eichmann, Focal Utopia, JL Audio, MIT, Phass, Sonic Flow by Sonic Frontiers, Twaron Angel-hair, Vertex AQ, WBT.

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