Equipment Packages

(The systems listed here are not associated with the Sonic Systems)


System 1 (2-Way Active)

Head Unit – Clarion HX-D3 or Audison BitOne with internal upgrades

Amplifier – Audison Voce AV 5.1K or JL HD5 

Tweeters -  Morel Supremo Piccolo

Mid-Range – Morel Elate LTD (Carbon Limited Edition) 

Sub Woofer – Morel Ultimo or Ultimo SC
(Optional – Careful installation and fine set-up service – Add £975) 

Package Price – £3850


System 2 (Pioneer ODR Optical Digital Reference System 2-Way Active)

Head Unit – Pioneer ODR RS-D7RII

Amplifier 1 – Pioneer ODR RS-A9

Amplifier 2 – Pioneer ODR RS-A7

Tweeters – Pioneer ODR TS-T01RSII

Mid-Woofer – Pioneer ODR TS-M01RSII

Sub Woofer- Pioneer ODR TS-W01RSII

Package Price – £9,500


System 3 (2-Way Active)

Head Unit – Pioneer ODR or Clarion HX-D3 

Amplifier – Audiowave Aspire Pro 

Amplifier – Audiowave Aspire Pro 

Amplifier – Audiowave Aspire 

Tweeters -  Morel Supremo Piccolo or Pioneer ODR or Phass or Focal Utopia or Ultima 

Mid-Range – Morel Elate LTD or Pioneer ODR or Phass or Focal Utopia or Ultima

Sub Woofer – Morel Ultimo or Pioneer ODR or Dynaudio Esotar 

Package Price Estimate – £11500


System 4 (High-End 2-Way System)

CD Transport – Pioneer ODR RS-D7xIII (upgrades)

Digital Cable –  Carrozzeria ODR CD-AD601X

External DAC – Pioneer ODR RS-P99X (upgraded) 

Amplifier 1 – AudioWave CR 400 (upgraded)

Amplifier 2 – AudioWave CR 400 (upgraded)

Amplifier 3 – AudioWave CR400 (upgraded)

Amplifier 4 – AudioWave Aspire Pro (upgraded) 

Tweeters – Phass AT

Mid-Range – Custom speaker

Mid-Range – Phass Alnico Magnet

Subwoofer – Dynaudio Esotar 2 1200

Package Price – £38,500


Already have a system?

Good exchange rates are possible if you decide to trade in your current equipment for any new products.

Contact Lee on 01639 841883 or 07971849474 for more info.


Flexible future upgrades / Trade in

Sonic Frontiers excellent trade-in allowance is:

  • We give you back 75% of the price you paid if upgraded within 1 year
  • 65% if upgraded within 2-3 years
  • 50% after 3 years

These exchanges are based upon the new product or system purchase priced being double the price (or greater) than the item you are trading .

Feel free to send an Email at for another options