The Sonic Systems


The ultimate music experience.

Complete satisfaction, guaranteed.

The Sonic Systems have been carefully matched through many years of constant research and hundreds of critical listening tests to create the ultimate system synergy. This allows every customer to take the guesswork out of the random equipment shopping which eliminates the common and expensive errors. This complete systematic approach is guaranteed to create the very best system at each level. Complete satisfaction guaranteed.



“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece”

John Ruskin
English critic, essayist, & reformer (1819 – 1900)


The Sonic Systems:

Sonic Punch – £3,850

Sonic Reveal - £9,811

Sonic Bliss – £17,330 – £23,545

Sonic Euphoria - £88,348

Sonic Revelation - On special request.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee On All Sonic Systems

Sonic Systems are created with absolutely no short cuts, even the minor details are done with great care and attention.

Many happy customers are sharing these magical experiences.


The Performance

Listening to the first system is like ‘visually’ comparing your current system to a small black & white TV and ‘Sonic Punch’ to a high quality, large full colour TV.

Comparing ‘Sonic Bliss’ to ‘Sonic Bliss MM’ is like listening to a live band in the London 02 on a very good day and listening to the same band in the Royal Albert Hall on their absolute best performing day.

A more helpful and in-depth description can be given, how in-depth depends on your listening ability, if your into home audio and think Arcarm, Bose, B&W 800 series, Cyrus, Mission, Monitor Audio home systems are great you may not need to go much further than Sonic Punch or Sonic Reveal.

If you think high end equipment like Avalon Acoustics, David Berning, dCS Vivaldi, Focal UtopiaIII, Kef Blade, Magico, Moon, Raidho Acoustics, Spectral, TAD, Wilson Audio, etc, are good, then check the ‘Sonic Reveal’ system and upwards.



Equipment can be totally invisible to the eye or created with a custom fabrication which can blend seamlessly in to the vehicles interior with a finish looking though the manufacture had done the work to perfection in the assembly line.

Installation can be done with absolutely no holes drilled in to your vehicle or modifications at all. Allowing each vehicle to be returned to stock condition on resale.  


The Experience ♪ ♫ ♬ 

Our customers travel from all over the UK and Europe to purchase a Sonic System simply because they want the ultimate experience. First time guaranteed. 

The Sonic System have been designed to give:

✓ The best possible music performance for each price and way beyond.
✓ Long enjoyable listening sessions without fatigue.
✓ Powerful, dynamic & detailed sound with a noise free background.
✓ Play all types of music effortlessly from low to high volume levels.
✓ Musical insight & involvement.
✓ Sounds incredible even when driving at motorway speeds.
✓Overall a coherent & emotional experience taking your music in to a new realm.

If your interested in getting this experience in your vehicle feel free to call or email Lee for further info.
Tel: 07971849474

Customer Full Satisfaction Guaranteed.