Sonic Punch

Where the sonic experience begins.

Even at this level the Sonic Punch system will dramatically upgrade and musically out-perform all factory upgradeable car systems including the Bose, B&O, Boston, Burmester, B&W, Dynaudio, Infinity, Naim & Sonus Faber without breaking a sweat!

Sonic Punch can go from playing mellow acoustic music effortlessly, to a dynamically hard-hitting rock concert, to performing like some great sounding nightclubs…

Upgrading your audio system to Sonic Punch you can experience:

  • Playing music louder with a crystal clear & rock solid sound
  • Hear the highs and lows of the music as the artist intended
  • Great spectral balance
  • Dynamic, powerful & extended frequency range
  • Great atmosphere (feeling of being there)
  • Enjoying a broad range of music on the move

This system ranks high on the fun factor at an affordable price

Sonic Punch is a full audio system which completely renews your previous audio system without any extra hidden costs. Keeping your vehicle looking original is not a problem.

Fully installed £3,850

  • Carefully installed and finely tuned  in 40-50 hours (vehicle required for 5-7 days)
  • Full satisfaction guarantee
Optional extra’s include:

 Customer comments after listening to SONIC PUNCH:

  • “I’ve never heard a system so good”
  • “This is so enjoyable”
  • “Seriously, you have better systems than this?”
“For the money it is bonkers and if I were marking the system in a review, well, it’d be an 11 or 12 out of 10 for Value for money as the SQ is breathtaking and poohs over systems I have heard up to £10,000 let alone £2500″
Adam Rayner – Car Audio reviewer  - Commenting on Shane Amos’s Sonic Punch system.
If you would like more information or you’re interested in a demonstration, call Lee today on 07971849474.