Designed For Maximum Music Performance.
Each fabrication by Sonic Frontiers is thoroughly designed, allowing each system to perform without compromise. Lee spends the extra time, effort and dedication to fabricate each installation with the materials and combinations that sound superior. Lee has done uncountable comparisons in dedicated listening sessions with many installation materials. We have examples on demonstration.


Unacceptable Installers
It’s terrible to see how bad other installers work really is, even the “best” professional installers work is very poor, at best, with many defects that include – small gaps, joins, creases, non-straight cuts, uneven curves, visible screws or caps… All of which are clearly unacceptable.
Absolutely none of these flaws here.


Being a perfectionist with OCD, Lee constantly works to a fraction of a millimetre. With large investment in some of the very best precision tooling available (from the likes of Festool, Kreg, Woodpeckers Precision Tools, Jet, Incra Precision Tools, Micro Jig, Bessey Clamps, JessEm).
With close inspection, Lee’s workmanship easily exceeds the vehicle manufactures work.


Boot Fabrication
Door panel Fabrication
A-Pillar Fabrication
Mirror pod Fabrication
Up Front Sub Woofers
Roof lining Fabrication
OEM – Original  Fabrication
Vision Fabrication


As standard, all fabrication work is done – to look as though the manufacture had done the work to perfection, in the production line.

Many audiophile, musicians and enthusiasts travel from all over the UK and Europe to receive the Sonic Frontiers treatment, as they want thievery best  sonic/musical results available. 

If you would like any info or to arrange to audition any system or installation, feel free to contact Lee