Sonic Reveal

A beautiful high end system with improved musicality, dynamic range, fine detail and emotion.

Upgrading your audio system to Sonic Reveal you can experience

  • Playing all your music with a crystal clear & rock solid sound-stage
  • Expect even more clarity, more scale, more realism and more music revealed
  • Better timing and rhythm to music
  • Greater transparency and insight to the music
  • Excellent dynamics with extended frequency range
  • Venue ambience
  • Fully enjoying a very broad range of music on the move
    Sonic Reveal is a full audio system which completely renews your previous audio system with no hidden extra costs.

Sonic Reveal is a full high end system which completely renews your previous system with high end components and accessories. Each system entails careful system matching, fine installation and precise set-up procedures with many dedicated listening tests. Guaranteeing superior results. Every-time!

Sonic Reveal installed between £9,811

Sonic Reveal MM fully installed between £11,429

  • Carefully installed and finely tuned in 6-7 days
  • Full satisfaction guarantee
  • 3-year manufacturer warrantee*

Customer comments after listening to SONIC REVEAL:

  • “This system is an absolute musical bargain”
  • “I now understand why some of your customers go to some extremes”
  • “I was not expecting this – Amazing”
If you would like more information or interested in a demonstration, call Lee today on 07971849474.