Why upgrade my audio system with Sonic Frontiers?


What is wrong with my factory system?


Why purchase a Sonic System?


How do I know which level is right for me?


Sonic Punch


Sonic Reveal


Sonic Bliss


Sonic Euphoria


Sonic Revelation


How much do the Sonic Systems cost?


What can I expect to hear?


If I come for an audition, will I be pressured in to spending more money?


Why do you not list the equipment?


How do I know what I am being charged for?


What are you charging for in the sonic systems?


I have a system I have installed by another dealer and it does not sound that good?


Avoid DIY?


What can a badly matched/setup system sound like?


What is the difference between the Equipment packages ant the Sonic Systems?


Can I audition a System or hear a specific product in my own vehicle?


I want to purchase a system can you arrange for vehicle collection?


Can I change my system over when I change my car?


If I purchase a system will any visible panels be cut or will there be any equipment on show?


Do you only work on expensive vehicles and show cars?


Isn’t Hi-End expensive?


What is the most popular full system budget?


How important are cables?


What cables do you recommend?


What makes cables sound different?


How do I audition a system?


About the audition


My question does not appear?