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Audio Wave Aspire Pro MonoBlocks High End Car Amplifiers

Nothing can prepare you for the resolution, musical insight and dynamics in a large holographic soundstage the AudioWave Aspire Pro mono can create.

I have yet to see anyone sit and listen to this system without amazement.

After spending the last few months enjoying and testing lots of equipment with these awesome amplifiers I have had no choice but to purchased a pair of these for myself in my own listening room











The system

Source – Pioneer ODR RS-D7XIII
Digital cable – Upgraded ODR lead
DAC – Pioneer ODR RS-P90X
Interconnect – MIT Magnum MA
Amplifiers – Audio Wave Aspire pro mono blocks x 2
Speaker cable – Supra Sword 6m
Cable dampers – Music Works ReBound
Speakers – Raidho C1.0 – (Eben C1)
Equipment sitting on the MusicWorks Revo3 table

All equipment above is available from Sonic Frontiers for purchase and for demonstrating.

Feel free to contact Lee if you wish to hear any AudioWave products.
Lee will be more than happy for you to witness this stunning performance for yourself.

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Bentley Continental GT With The Sonic Bliss High End Car Audio Experience

Bentley Continental GT With The Sonic Bliss System


This system in the Bentley GT was a stealth car audio system, the sub enclosure was Isolated from the amplifier racks, the Audiowave’s and BitOne were decoupled which then was built into a custom birch ply rack.

The A-Pillars were custom fabricated to house the Morel LTD MT24


Bentley Audison bit One, Audiowave, Aspire, Car, Audio, System, HiFi, Upgrade

Some of the equipment used was from brands:
Audison BitOne
AudioWave Aspire
Audio Wave Aspire Pro’s x 2
Morel LTD, Elate Limited Edition
Rainbow Reference
Merlin Cables
Supra Cables 

Bentley GT Sonic Bliss Hidden





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